Instagram Round Up

Happy Friday, or Fri-YAY as it is lovingly referred to on Insta :)

I've never done an Instagram Round-Up before but I have been so busy with my new job (would we like a post on that? comments please!) I haven't had a ton of time to blog new material.  So here we go, enjoy!

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Instagram Giveaway!! @sugarspiceandsparkle

National Donut Day was last week so naturally I had to get one.  I had a coupon for $0.99 large iced coffee that I figured I might as well use while I was there.  Then I found out since it was in fact national donut day they were giving a free donut with any drink purchase! So I got a large coffee and a donut for $1.07 (b/c of tax) - boo-yah!

National Donut Day!

I finally put my Lilly Pulitzer storage bins to use!  Got them at Marshall's a while back.  What is crazy is that this picture ended up getting close to 600 likes!   Very unusual for me (okay who am I kidding I never get even close to that!)  Anyone happen to have any idea why?!

Brian and I went out to dinner to celebrate his first week of work being over!  Now I'm almost done with MY first week and his second :)  Welcome to the real world -__-

Jcrew and Lilly Pulitzer <3

Before his first day of work Brian surprised me with the beauty!  How lucky am I to have such an amazing man?!  I have had my eye on this since I got it in my Rocksbox months ago and he went out and found it for me. *heart eyes emoji* all over the place!

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Finally all the way back to Memorial Day weekend - loved wearing this flowy white Lilly dress on the beach!  Check out the gorgeous sunset we had here.

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XO ~ Katie

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  1. I always love your Instagram posts, Katie! Can't wait to see more!

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