Color Pop | Lilly Pulitzer Multi Hot Spot

The weather decided to be nice and give us one warm day!  I think the high was like 75 and it felt so good to be able to go out with just one layer of clothing on!

I got this dress during the most recent APS and as soon as it arrived at my house the temperature decided to drop and never come back up!  Until yesterday!

I paired it with my hot pink Jack Rogers flats and gold monogram necklace.

While it was a gorgeous, warm day, it was a little windy.  My fellow blogger friends can understand the struggle:

All that to get one good pic!!  #bloggerprobs

You can get the Jack Rogers by clicking below.  Some sizes/colors are on suuuuuuper sale right now, not my size sadly :(  I'm guessing if you have super tiny or big feet you'll be in luck!  Silver linings people, silver linings!

Don't forget to Sparkle!
xo ~ Katie

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