Put A Bow On It | Kate Spade Cross-body Bag

Last week was miserable because I had 3 exams and I was so mad at my professors for scheduling them all together.  However this week I would like to thank my professors for putting all of my exams together so that I can relax a little this week!  I have been on a roll with blogging this week and it has been so fun!  I wish every week would be like this one!

Ok on to the reason you're all here - Kate Spade!  I know every one calls Beyonce "Queen" but to me Kate Spade is the real Queen!  I mean take ANY Kate Spade product and I know I will love it forever. Her style is so clean and classic, I know investing in one of her handbags will never be a bad idea because they will NEVER go out of style!  They are the epitome of classic.

It's the end of February so I decided enough is enough with my black purse, it is time to bring in the spring!  Luckily I've had this pretty little thing on stand-by for a few months now!

This bag is everything that I love: pink, has a bow on it, cross-body, small - aka Perfect! Here are some other Kate cross-body bags I adore:


I absolutely LOVE cross-body purses.  Every time I fall in love with a giant handbag I bring myself back to reality and know I will never use it in real life.  I like these hands free bags so I can shop more easily ;)

My sweater is from Tommy Hilfiger and is oh so cozy!  I love white in the winter because it makes me feel like a snow queen (Elsa) and looks so snugg-able. 

My jeans are from Forever 21, which I need to go get more of because this pair is starting to wear out.  Better get my $10 ready!!  If you've never tried Forever 21 jeans because they are cheap and you might think low quality then you are missing out!  They are so comfy and last a long time considering they're $10.  I've had this pair for several years.

My boot socks are from a little boutique I visited during a trip a few months ago, Similar here.  They're just cuffs so when I take my boots off it looks pretty funny but with the boots on they're perfect!

Hope you enjoyed this look!  
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xo ~ Katie

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  1. I love this bag! I have been loving blush pink lately!