DIY Mason Jar Coin Cup Tutorial

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about money saving tips.  One of the tips was to have a piggy bank of sorts to collect change in daily.  Keep reading for a simple tutorial on how to make your own!

Step 1 - Supplies
I had some things on hand and got the rest from Michael's.  I tried to keep the cost down as much as possible, and I'll show you a few tricks to make it even cheaper!

Step 2 - Coin Slot
I purchased these lids with a slot in them from Michael's. They were full price so I could use a coupon!  Just take off the lid that comes with the jar and put one of these on - easy peasy.

If you do not want to purchase the lids, you can just take the sealed part of the lid off and leave the rim.  Then you can still put coins in and have it look finished.

Step 3 - Decorate
This is the fun step! I purchased the burlap ribbon but everything else just came from my collection.  For the first jar I wrapped it in burlap and secured it with double sided tape.  

Then I took some lace trim and tied it around the center.  

Finally I added some colorful baker's twine on top of the lace.  I used a silver foiled sticker to label the jar "Trip Fund".

I wrapped the second jar in lace, again using double sided tape to secure.  I used the same baker's twine to add some color and used letter stickers to spell out "coins" on another sticker for a label.

That is it!  I love how they turned out!  I don't know if its just me having weddings on my mind, but they looked like a little bride and groom together.  Haha, what do you think?

Check out Kara's tutorial and tips too!  You can also use these jars to do her 52 week savings challenge if you really want to save up for something BIG!

Don't forget to sparkle (and start saving)!
xo ~ Katie

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