Style Icon - Kate Middleton {Fashion Friday}

Fashion Friday usually consists of one of my ootd's but there's this little thing called life going on outside the blogosphere and this week I just didn't have one second to take good pictures for you guys! So instead I will share a few of my favorite looks from the always classy and classic Kate Middleton.

I love so many things about her - her fashion obviously but also the way she carries herself!  She is a class act and those can be hard to find these days.  She is always smiling and proves that happy girls really are the prettiest.

She's just like the rest of us and loves to layer!  Rocking the blue hues here - perfection.

More layering, and she even rocks the rain boots!  Casual yet chic.

The girl can rock a casual dress too!  Who else can make a plain, tan dress look that good? Who?!

Have you ever seen a DVF wrap dress look this good?  Plus what celebrity actually wears things again, recognize the shoes (first pic)?  So relatable despite the fact that she's royalty!

I love how she takes the simplest clothes and makes them look stunning!  No crazy "bling" going on like the rest of the people on the red carpet - just classic beauty!

And finally:

How can you write a blog post about Kate and NOT include that picture?

The internet is blowing up with those awful nude pictures of Kim Kardashian - the polar opposite of classy*.  I'm tired of hearing about Kim and Kanye, Beyonce and Jay Z.  I'm moving to England so this is the only couple I have to hear about!

I hope any girls out there currently looking up to today's "celebrities" can shift their eyes over to a much better role model.  Let's go back to walking, talking, and acting like ladies! {and dressing}

*Don't get me wrong, I love to 'Keep up with the Kardashians' like any one else.  But these latest pictures are seriously turning me off like never before - thoughts anyone?  Comment below!

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