Lilly Pulitzer Gold Goddess Collection | My Picks

I don't know what it is but I have become OBSESSED with all things GOLD!  Please let me know in the comments if you are too so I don't feel crazy :)

Gold and white, gold and black, solid gold - I love it all!  So when I first saw that Lilly Pulitzer had a Gold Goddess Collection I pretty much fell in love before I even saw any of the pieces.

Now I am sharing my favorites with you!  But let's be honest here - they are all my favorites... so these are my absolute favorites, let's say.

I mean COME ON! This looks like it is made of actual gold! I just love it!

Wrap yourself in gold with this.  I guarantee you will feel luxurious.

I honestly wish these were flats.  As a tall girl I don't like to wear heels and really - wouldn't flats more comfortable anyways?  But they aren't flats and I still love them even though I would never wear them!

Yes this is the shirt version of the dress I listed above.  Yes I would like to have both in my closet.  Yes that is ridiculous.  No I don't care :D

Now let me go ahead and answer some questions I imagine you may be asking:

Did she buy all of this?
Answer: No. Just no. While I do love gold, I am not made of it and therefore can not afford all of this, or any of it for that matter.  I am a huge Lilly lover but I only buy it when I can get a great (I am talking GREAT) deal on it - read this post to see what I mean.

Does she work with Lilly Pulitzer?
Answer: No but I wish!  This post is in no way affiliated with Lilly Pulitzer.  I simply love these items and wanted to share, I am not being compensated in any way (this is true for all of posts for that matter!).

As always ask me anything in the comments below!  Check out the giveaway still going on a few posts back :)

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