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Ever feel like it's only ever Monday?  School has been CRAZY busy these past few weeks and time has been flying by - every time I turn around it seems to be Monday again.  But to help cure your Monday blues this week I have something special to share!

How many hours of the day are spent looking at your phone?  Now be honest. we all want to say, "maybe one, not sure... hehe" but you know it probably adds up to a scary high number.  You can change your background, change your lock screen, and obviously you can change what you're looking at.  But never before have you been able to change your keyboard, well now you can!

Check out the Kiwi app - if you haven't already that is.  With Kiwi you can customize your iPhone's keyboard in so many ways.  From adding colors and photos to changing the font, you can customize your keyboard and use it all the time!

Check out the keyboard I created:

The cute font and bright colors make using my phone even more fun than before!!

 Click here to download the app now! It is FREE!

If you're reading this on your phone (and have the app), click here to get the Sugar Spice and Sparkle keyboard.

Have fun creating!  Share your keyboards with me on Instagram, just tag @SugarSpiceandSparkle

Outfit details: Sweater: Ann Taylor, Jeans: Forever 21, Bow Bracelet: Sugar Spice and Sparkle

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