Operation Christmas Child Fundraiser 2021

I am so excited that we are heading into the holiday season! After the last two holiday seasons being really hard and just not the best, I have a lot of hope for this year! One thing I have been wanting to focus on is giving back. Even during uncertain times we are so blessed and as Avery is getting older and able to understand more and more I want to show her how important and wonderful it is to give to others.

Back in high school I loved filling shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child for community service each year, and I am excited to start the annual tradition back up! It breaks my heart to think of sweet little kids around the world going without. We take so much for granted! In this small way I hope to make a difference in as many kids lives as we can for Christmas this year. 

You can learn more about Operation Christmas Child on their website, but a shoebox of toys and necessities may be the only thing these children will get for Christmas. I only wish the boxes were bigger! 

This year my goal is to fill 10 shoeboxes through Operation Christmas Child. I have set up a donation page through Samaritan’s Purse where you can fill a virtual shoebox for $25 if you don’t want to make a physical box, they will put one together for you (just click the link below > build a shoebox online now > then choose ‘start building now’ if you would like to select the items, otherwise choose ‘build it for me’ > checkout).


My family and I are making 2 boxes ourselves so the goal page is set to 8 boxes. It would be so amazing to even surpass this but since I haven’t done a fundraiser before I am just going to start with a goal of 10. 

I am also taking smaller donations because I know $25 can be quite a bit! If you would like to donate $1, $5, $10 - literally any amount, you can Venmo me @katielogen and I will compile the donations to make up additional boxes. If there is any remainder after making boxes (increments of $25) I will make up the difference to get to the next box. So every penny will be going to Operation Christmas Child! 

It is a little out of my comfort zone to set something like this up but it has been on my heart to do it since I thought of the idea a few weeks ago. Thank you so much for your support and I am so excited to see what this community can do! 

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