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As we enter the full blown holiday season you will see influencers and brands going absolutely nuts to try and convince you why you need this Amazon sweater or more Tula skin care. Let me drop this truth bomb for you: you don’t need any of it. I understand that gifts can be just for fun and enjoyment, but the consumerism of this season has gotten completely out of control. This may be a controversial take but this year more than ever my family and I will be focusing on the reason for the season - the birth of Jesus Christ! Since culturally we do exchange gifts, I thought why not give gifts that could actually improve and enrich the recipients’ lives? 

These are also the perfect gift ideas for those on your list who “have it all”. Surprise them with something a little different, something practical! I bet it will end up being the best gift they ever received! 

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REVIVE Essential Oils

I have always been a huge essential oil skeptic, but once I started looking more into low-tox living, holistic medicine, etc. I realized I needed to give them a chance. Well let me tell you there is a reason people love this stuff - it. is. AMAZING. My entire household is hooked on oils now. We use them in lieu of candles, over the counter medicines, cleaning products, etc. I can share a whole lot more on what and how we use oils but I definitely have to tell you all to give them a try! 

Why REVIVE? Well there are so many brands out there and after much research (you know how I am!) I landed on REVIVE. They are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils, Bottled in the USA, and the prices are fantastic because they sell direct to consumer (unlike those other popular oil brands…). Oh and they always have free shipping which is a huge bonus to me!

This starter kit from REVIVE is SUCH an amazing deal and what an incredible gift this would be for someone! We have this exact diffuser and all of the oils pictured on the top row, which are in the starter kit for a reason, those are “must have” oils that can be used for soooo many purposes. You will not be disappointed with this kit, and the bundle price (especially on sale) is unbeatable.

Use code FRIDAY for $10 off $50+, $20 off $100+, or $50 off $200+. Click here to shop!

Daily Grace Co.

Feed your soul! The past 2 years I have really grown in my faith and it has absolutely transformed my life. I recently discovered Daily Grace Co., a brand that sells so many beautiful bibles, devotionals, faith themed jewelry, and even kids books! 

I have quite quickly grown my little collection because they have really great sales pretty often, usually a $5 and $10 sale, so definitely follow them on Instagram so you don’t miss anything. They literally have so many bible studies, I want them all! The next items I have had my sights set on are the Bible Handbook and the Theology Handbook. Click here to shop!

RiseWell Toothpaste

Toothpaste for Christmas? Well y’all I told you these were practical gifts! Another low-tox swap I was eager to make this year was toothpaste, because fluoride… if you know, you know (and if you don’t know I highly recommend looking into it). I came across RiseWell and learned all about their special ingredient - hydroxyapatite. It is a mineral that actually helps regrow enamel. Most fluoride free toothpastes are just that - fluoride free; they don’t replace fluoride with another ingredient that is actually beneficial to your teeth.

After using RiseWell for myself, Brian, and the girls, I can confidently tell you IT WORKS! Both girls had some enamel issues on their front teeth that we’ve been monitoring closely with their dentist, and after several weeks using RiseWell Kids Toothpaste - their teeth are perfect. I honestly can not believe it but it’s easy to see with my own eyes so I have no choice! 

As for Brian and myself we both have seen our teeth become whiter and less sensitive to hot/cold. We are hooked! So what better gift could you really give someone other than a healthy, white smile?! Use code LOGEN10 for 10% off and Click here to shop!

Beauty by Earth

I thought learning about toxins in our food was a lot, but products brings it to another level. It can get really confusing because there are so many chemicals and names to learn and every ingredient label feels like reading a chemistry textbook. I absolutely love Beauty by Earth because they use ingredients you can clearly understand and they are 100% transparent, with all ingredient lists easy to find on their website and they even highlight the key ingredients’ benefits for you.

I have been using (and loving) their Facial Sunscreen and Facial Scrub for weeks now and I have so many more of their products on my list! For Black Friday they are having 30% off everything with code GLOWUP. You do not want to miss this sale - Click here to shop!

Thrive Market

I recently tried shopping through Thrive Market and I have found quite a few things we love. While not everything on their site is as "clean" as they claim, it is a great starting point and they have lots of filters so you can narrow down your searches. From snack foods to household cleaners we have been able to try a variety of things and I'm looking forward to trying more. 

There is a small subscription fee you have to pay to gain access to shopping with them, and you can gift a one year subscription to someone here! You can also gift shopping credit if someone you know is already a member. This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Get 30% off* when you Click here to shop! *I am not sure if the discount applies to a gift membership or shopping credit, but it definitely applies to a standard order.

Molly's Sudds and Wool Dryer Balls

Another seemingly odd thing to give as a gift, but introducing a loved one to this simple low-tox swap could have such a huge impact on their lives! Plus buying laundry detergent and dryer balls isn’t exactly something any of us are jumping up and down to get to do, so receiving it as a gift is awesome! As an adult I love practical gifts more than anything else. They bring me the most joy and isn’t that the goal of gift giving? Click here to shop laundry detergent! Click here to shop dryer balls!

Glass Food Storage

If you’re storing and re-heating your food in plastic containers then this gift is for you. Swap all that out for glass ASAP! Again a practical gift but something that people probably aren’t rushing out to spend their own money on, so why not just surprise them with a nice set! Click here to shop!

I hope this low toxic gift guide has been a help, whether picking something out for a friend or as a gift to yourself! More content like this is coming very soon so make sure you’re following along both here, on Instagram, and on my YouTube channel.

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