Is a Cricut Joy a Good Holiday Gift?

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Is a Cricut Joy machine a good holiday gift? Just look at that onesie I made! The short and simple answer is YES! Now let me tell you why. And read through for the "half" onesie tutorial!

If you’ve been a follower of mine for a looooong time, then you know I started my blogging journey as a crafter (KraftieKatie). I got my first Cricut machine when I was in college. This was back when you had to purchase physical cartridges, before Cricut Access was a thing! I became obsessed with paper crafts and was constantly collecting new cartridges. I still have them all too, though they don’t get much use because now we have the magical Cricut Access to find designs on!

Jump ahead a few years and now I am the proud owner of a Cricut Joy machine! And it truly is a Joy - the possibilities are endless with it. It’s small in size but big in capabilities! 

Cricut Joy Pens and Markers - you can personalize your projects with a “handwritten” touch without lifting a finger. I love how you can choose from so many colors of pens and markers to find the perfect match for your project.

Smart Materials - many materials are available made just for Cricut Joy. Using Smart materials there is no need for trimming to size or for a cutting mat! Just load and go!

Continuous Cuts - speaking of Smart materials, when you use them you can cut a continuous design up to 20 feet! Hello birthday banners and more!

Infusible Ink and Iron On Vinyl - if you caught this post or this one you know I’m a huge fan of Infusible Ink! I can easily make shirts for my whole family with my Cricut Joy and Easy Press 2. I just can’t get over how professional the result is with Infusible Ink!

Custom Cards - with the Card Mat, Insert Cards, and your Cricut Joy you can make custom cards in a snap. I always love giving someone a card made by my Cricut because they are always blown away by how gorgeous they are and the fact that it’s homemade.

If you have a craft-lover in your life, I would highly recommend a Cricut Joy, or any of the Cricut machines, as a gift this year! Cricut is having a fantastic sale at the moment so definitely check it out or stock up on supplies if you already are a Cricut lover!

When Georgia turned 6 months old I knew I wanted to do something special for her so after I purchased her 1/2 crown I decided to make a onesie to match! I used the following materials:

- Cricut Joy

- Cricut Easy Press 2

- Blank Baby Bodysuit

- Smart Iron-On Glitter

Making it could not have been simpler! I just picked out a font I liked in Cricut Design Studio, typed out "half", and loaded my Smart Iron-On into my Joy. Cut, weed, then apply with the Easy Press 2! 

This project really took me 15 minutes or less, and the result made for some adorable photos of my baby girl!

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