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Typical me *comes up with huge, unrealistic expectations for myself* *fails miserable at achieving them*. I knew blogging daily or close to it wouldn't last long, it's been over a month since my last general life happenings post, but it is what it is! Life is absolutely crazy lately and by the time both girls are in bed the only energy I have left goes towards tucking myself into bed. 

But like I said, life has been crazy which means I have a lot of updates! So here we are! Thank goodness I take pictures mostly every day because they are quite literally my memories, I have to look back to recall what went on on any particular day. Mom brain I suppose. So here are the top moments of the last couple weeks:

Back in early November we put our Christmas decor up! We are big into Christmas around here so I was excited to decorate. Growing up we always decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving but now it seems like the trend is the weekend after Halloween! Fine by me! I still haven't gotten 100% of our decor out though, it's so hard to find the time with these two cuties running me ragged!

One big to-do that had been on my list was getting Georgia baptized. I finally called our church and they said they just started doing them again in October (had stopped in March) so that made me feel less behind the ball. 

It was a very nice ceremony but also very 2020 - masks and only the deacon, us, and her grandparents in attendance. Our church is super strict on masks and didn't even want us to take them off in the parking lot, so no maskless pictures. Oh well, it will just be part of my 2020 baby's story!

A few days later we celebrated Georgia's half birthday with a photo-shoot (sorry baby girl, it's just how I roll). Luckily at 6 months old they're still good sports about taking pics! I had fun making her sweet onesie and got the 1/2 crown from Amazon. 

Literally can not believe my baby is 6 months old. Just HOW?! How did that happen? This year has been such a blur, it has been slow but flown by at the same time. It's so funny how time works. I feel like I just had her but then again I can't remember life without her. Love this happy girl!

For the first time in forever we got out of the house for something fun as a family! Give Kids the World partnered with Disney and decorated their Village for Christmas. It was all outside and very un-crowded since we went early. We had so much fun, again with the mask pictures, but 2020 is what it is. 

They even had their carousel running so we got to go on it and had the whole thing to ourselves! Avery was in heaven! It made me happy but also sad because I just wish we could be going to Disney all the time like we used to, she is old enough now to really enjoy the rides!

Avery has been working on her sight words and is doing amazing! She just blows me away! I constantly am reminding myself that she is still two. On this day we took a picture because she knew the entire first rocket! By now she knows the whole 2nd one too! 

Thanksgiving was a nice day but also very tough. Last year my dad passed away on Thanksgiving day and though the actual date was different this year it was heartbreaking to be celebrating without him. Every celebration he is missed, and the holidays just aren't the same. It is so bitter-sweet though because it's also Georgia's first holiday season which is always so sweet. I know he would just want us to be happy and to enjoy these two precious babies, but it doesn't stop us from missing him.

Less than two weeks ago we got this little table out of the attic because Georgia loves to be in the standing position so we thought she would like it. Well little did we know that it would quickly turn into her being able to stand at it without holding on and then taking her first steps! 

This child has been wild since she was in utero I swear! Getting ahead of myself here but now she is able to go all around the sides of this table without help, she can grab onto the ottoman when it's next to this table and work her way down that too. Girl gets around! She is a very determined little 15lb bundle of joy!

Probably the biggest news as of late (which will be a whole separate post of its own) is that I am done breastfeeding. For a number of reasons I decided it was time to start weaning when G turned 6 months. I won't get into details here but it was (is) a rollercoaster. 

Honestly getting Georgia (and myself) adjusted to formula life has been taking up most of my focus the past couple weeks. Breastfeeding is a full time job all the way to the bitter end that is for sure.

As you probably know I had to be dairy free for her while breastfeeding, so once I was no longer giving her any breastmilk I got myself a Chick-fil-A peppermint milkshake - my absolute fav! And promptly after drinking it felt like complete crap! Apparently if you go 6 months dairy free you need to ease back in. Again, more details to come on that, but yeah I am still trying to take it slow on the dairy!

I had a huge Black Friday sale for Spark Hope. I am so grateful for the support I received on that! Brian took this pic as he was helping me pack some of the orders. I'm so glad he did too, this gives you a glimpse into what you're supporting when you shop small - a family!

I snapped this teary-eyed selfie with my sweet little peach the day I was going through all the baby clothes that no longer fit. 99% of Georgia's clothes thus far have been hand me downs from Avery, which just made it that much more emotional because I can remember all the times both of them wore any given outfit. 

I'm selling a few of the really nice or never worn things on my Poshmark and donating the rest. I still can't believe how much of a blink the newborn stage is. I knew it was quick and I tried to cherish it but it still just flew by. I could help but cry my eyes out as I sorted through everything. Brian came in the room as I was getting emotional and I said "I don't want another one but I miss having a tiny newborn already!".

And here we are, all caught up! Last update to add is that my first baby has been the absolute best big sister lately. I think with Georgia actually doing things now Avery is starting to have more fun with her. Every day she comes in after Georgia's naps and says in the sweetest voice "Hi sweet baby!" "Hi little angel!" "Hi cutie!" and then asks to hold her in the chair. Ugh - it melts me. I hope they are best best friends for life!

Phew! That was a lot - I'll try not to wait so long next time! I just wanted to make sure to document it all so I can look back and never forget anything. Love to all who made it this far! Thank you for being here and loving on me and my family!

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