8 Ways To Use Puzzles (Besides The Obvious)

Toady I was shopping for a few new puzzles for Avery (specifically a lower case letter puzzle and a numbers 1-20 puzzle) and came across one of the puzzles that she's loved since she was about 18 months old. I had the idea for this blog post when we first got the puzzle but never got around to it, but today I saw the puzzle is just over $5 now! So I decided I better tell you guys about it!

At first glance this puzzle seems pretty standard. It's the Melissa and Doug Disney Classics Alphabet puzzle. Under each letter is a classic Disney character, which will be a huge hit if your little one is anything like Avery! Can you guess which letter is her favorite? Hint: it was the theme of her 2nd birthday party!

After playing so many times with this alphabet puzzle I started to come up with new games besides just doing the puzzle. And that is what I want to share today! You can probably use these ideas for many of your puzzles, but if you don't have one it would work with, this one is such a bargain you almost have to get it.

  • Name each letter as you take it off the board
  • Ask child to find certain letters (on or off board)
  • Ask child to find letter of a certain color
  • Put back all letters grouped by certain color 
  • Memory game: Ask child where X character is while letters are covering them
  • Talk about other words that start with each letter as you play
  • Talk about what sound each letter makes as you play
  • Use letters to spell out simple words

I hope this helps you to come up with some new play activities to do with your little one! It's really nothing groundbreaking but a lot of times you just need some help coming up with new ideas. As a stay at home mom I often want to just get new toys because we both get bored with what we have! But coming up with new ways to use the old toys does the same trick without the cost!

What are some unique ways you and your child like to play with their toys? Help me out by leaving your idea in the comments below!

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