How To Keep A Clean Car As A Mom (+ Giveaway!)

Today's post is sponsored by Mister Car Wash. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Sugar Spice and Sparkle!

To be completely transparent when a car wash company first contacted me to work together I wasn't sure that it would be the right fit for my blog. But after some thought and research I realized how great of a match we really are! Keep reading and I think you'll feel the same way! Read til the end for a giveaway!

On the surface Mister Car Wash is a place you go to vacuum out your car and get it washed and looking all nice and shiny! There are over 250 locations across the United States, so there's probably one closer to you than you think!

But just by going to their website you can learn so much about this company, as I have, and see that by getting your car washed there you are supporting a wonderful company! Not only that but as a mom my car is messier than it has ever been. Crumbs and toys everywhere, spilled milk on the roof from leaky sippy cups my hands were too full to carry - the works. My car is much happier now that it is being well taken care of!

They care about the environment, they care about their customers, and they care about every community they are a part of. They awarded $46,000 in grants to local classrooms as well as $35,000 in scholarships last year!

Now that you know a bit more about their brand, let me tell you a little more about the services they offer. Services can differ by locations so just be sure to check the website to see what's available near you.

The Unlimited Wash Club is a membership program where you can get your car washed as many times as you'd like at any location in your area. How perfect for moms?! Who has time for anything besides a 5 minute run through a car wash plus *bonus* you don't even have to take the kids out of their car seats because you all just ride right on through!

There are different packages to fit your needs and budget which each include some of the following signature products:

I think my husband was even more excited that I am working with Mister Car Wash than I am because he used to wash our cars! Now when we're out shopping on the weekends we'll just pull into one and we're in and out without delay! What a great gift idea for your man who you never know what to get - a car wash membership!

Do you think you'd love a membership to Mister Car Wash? I'm giving away 3 Express Platinum Washes over on Instagram so you can give them a try! Be careful though, you might get hooked! ;) 

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