5 Disney Cruise Line Secrets You Haven't Heard Before

Before our recent cruise on the Disney Magic I did a lot of research! Mostly watching YouTube videos about the ship and Disney Cruise Line in general (even though I'd been on the Magic before as well as the Dream and Wonder). A popular video title was along the lines of DCL Secrets or Things You Don't Know about the Magic. But when I watched them they were 99% things I knew, felt were common knowledge, and were all about the same things.

So I decided to make my own post in the category about things I genuinely haven't seen in other posts or videos and that are not common knowledge in my opinion. Now of course I'm sure someone, somewhere, has shared these things before, but I just haven't seem them!

1. Mobile App Features

The DCL mobile app is awesome! Not only can you search and favorite all the activities going on each day, review the dinner menu, and see the drink of the day you can also message your friends on the ship with you for free. The notifications are a little spotty so check the app often but it's a really great perk. Download it before you sail for an adorable countdown to your cruise clock.

Now for the real secret - if you check the app on embarkation day you'll notice you can snag a free 50MB Wi-Fi package! I used it on FaceTime audio calls with my mom and we were able to talk about 20 minutes total with it. I did not see this advertised anywhere before the cruise, I just happened to stumble upon it at 10:30pm, luckily just before the deal disappeared like Cinderella at midnight! 

2. Gym/Spa Locker Rooms

Anyone can use the locker rooms in the spa (which is where the gym is located). They're really nice and the showers are much larger than the one in your stateroom. Everything you need is there so just bring your change of clothes. Towels, robes, shower shoes, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and more are all provided.

When Avery took her naps my husband and I would take turns going to shower. It kept the room quieter for Aves and gave us both a little break and chance to pamper ourselves! The ladies room even had a hair dryer available for use!

3. Adult Only Snacks

Cove cafe is the coffee shop/bar in the adults only area. Their drinks are all an extra charge but they have a little pastry case with different snacks and treats throughout the day that are complimentary. We went in several times and noticed they had pastries and treats in the morning and then antipasto (which looked veeeery similar to what they served at Palo!) in the evenings.

Again Cove Cafe is in the 18+ area, but we would go in with Avery and no one seemed to have an issue. We didn't stay, just brought her in while we ordered our drinks and snacks. If she would have started to fuss or act out of course we would have whisked her out of there asap, but it's nice to know you don't have to send one person in to try and carry everything on their own just because you have a little one.

Kid Specific Secrets:

4. Toddler Area

On the Magic (and likely the Wonder, can't seem to confirm this online) there is a designated Toddler Area in the Promenade Lounge on Deck 3. It's a gated area with seating for parents and toys for your tots! Avery loved playing in there throughout the day and we were able to relax a bit and just watch her run and play knowing she couldn't escape the area. Plus it was rarely crowded so she usually got all the toys to herself!

5. Free Beach Wagon

On Castaway Cay (the best place on earth!) there are complimentary strollers and wagons for you to use. After the first tram stop you can pick them up - they're first come first served but they seemed to have a good amount available. We were cruising with our friends so we had two toddlers and lots of bags, the wagon was our savior!

What's a secret you discovered on a Disney Cruise? I'd love if you'd share in the comments below so I can check it out next time!

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