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Tips for Finding Mommy and Me Outfits Anywhere

By now you are well aware of my love for mommy and me fashion. Matching with Avery is so much fun for me and it's pretty much all my childhood dreams coming true. I was very into playing with dolls as a little girl and loved buying their clothes more than I did buying them for myself! Now I have a real life baby doll and while she is a lot more work than those dolls, she is pretty freaking cool :)

Castaway Cay with Babies

If you've ever been on a Disney Cruise you know the best day of all is Castaway Cay day! Castaway Cay is Disney's private island which is actual paradise. Although our day on the beach was not quite as long as I would have liked thanks to two little tots, it was still my favorite day of the cruise (as always) and I am more than ready to return!

How To Be Productive As A Stay At Home Mom

As a stay at home mom and blogger I consider myself a work from home mom (WFHM?). I'm often asked how I manage posting daily to social media, working with brands, and running my blog all with a little one in tow. Clearly I don't do it alone - my mom is a huge help and watches Avery for me often, I also have an extremely supportive husband who will let me attend events, work on posts, take calls, etc. whenever he's home and able to assist. But in an industry that is on 24/7 all the help in the world isn't going to eliminate the times where I have the baby and need to get something done.