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Well, well, well, procrastination strikes again.  But this time I have an excuse (kind of)!  My baby shower was on December 2nd and then we had the holidays and then baby decided to come early so there wasn't much time for blogging.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Regardless - I am so excited to finally share all the details with you!  My shower was such a wonderful day!  I had fun writing this post and reliving all the beautiful details.  There is nothing I love more than a room full of my friends and family - especially when we're all celebrating my sweet little angel girl!

Our Babymoon in Clearwater Florida

Whew time flies! It's already the very end of the year and I'm finally getting around to writing this post - pregnancy will do that to you I guess!

Back at the beginning of November we went on our Babymoon!  I didn't really want to travel being pregnant and all so we took ~2 hour drive over to Clearwater beach - one of our favorite spots anyways!

2017 Year in Review and 2018 Look Ahead

Another New Year's Eve?!  Honestly, how is that possible.  Life goes by way too fast ya'll!  I realized I didn't even DO a post like this last year life was speeding by so quick.  Now I'm really sad about that so I am making sure that I do it this time around (even if I have waited until the very last minute to do so...)

I went back through Instagram, as that is kind of my life diary, and picked out some of my favorite memories from the year.  Hope you enjoy and have a very Happy New Year!

Jan - Started the year going to what turned out to be one of the best concerts I've been to - LOCASH at House of Blues with Brian and my Dad.