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3 Ways To Use Your DocATot

If you're pregnant or have a baby you have most likely heard of DocATot.  I'd call it the current hottest trend in baby products, it seems like everyone has one!  They are also what I would consider a luxury item based on the price point.  When I first saw them I didn't get what all the fuss was about, or how you could justify the price for a little baby bed.

Once I tried one out with my babe, I quickly learned why they're so great and more than just a bed!  Here are three ways I use my DocATot!

Baby and Mommy Nighttime Routine | 10 Weeks Old

As a new mom figuring out a routine for you and your baby can be a little overwhelming at times!  Especially when you read Facebook mommy groups and everyone else seems to have it down pat.  I certainly don't have it all figured out but we have seemed to settle into somewhat of a routine these days so I wanted to share that with you all in the hopes that some nugget of information may be helpful to you and yours!  Here we go:

Newborn Essentials Under $40 + What You Don't Really Need

When I was pregnant I was always scouring the internet for blogs and YouTube videos about newborn must-haves.  I found them so helpful because there is an endless number of products for those tiny humans and so many different brands and styles to choose from, it's nice to hear from actual people on what worked and what wasn't necessary.