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Blogging Q+A - How to Start a Blog

In October of this year Sugar Spice and Sparkle turned FOUR years old! I can't even believe it has been four whole years.  Many of you may not know this but I also had a blog that focused on craft tutorials prior to switching over to the fashion and lifestyle niche, so I've been doing this for a long time (here is my first ever post, oh gosh why am I sharing this with you?? #embarrassing).  Blogging has been a constant in my life through many seasons.  I've taken quite a few breaks, posted consistently, posted sporadically, grown and plateaued, and it's been a fun ride!

A Week Without Instagram - What I Learned

If you're following along on Instagram (which of course you are, right?!) then you know that last week I #snapped.

Okay that is a bit dramatic!  But I did decide to do something I don't think I've ever done before which is delete Instagram from my phone for a whole week.

Our Weekend At Aventura: Universal Orlando Hotel Review

Today I'm excited to share with you about our stay at Universal Orlando's Aventura Hotel!  We spent the weekend there a few weeks ago, which you probably saw if you follow along on Instagram.  This blog post will have more details about the hotel and my thoughts on everything we experienced.

2 night stay at Aventura Hotel courtesy of Universal.  All opinions are my own.