Easter Outfits for Babies and Toddlers

This year Easter is Sunday, April 21st (just saved you a Google search, didn't I?). It's coming up quick and it will be Avery's second Easter. I can't believe we're already on her second round of holidays! Last year she was only 2 months old on Easter, I'll share a pic below, but she looked so precious in her little spring dress! It was also her first time wearing shoes, which everyone thought was just the cutest thing on the planet!

The image below is clickable, so to shop an item, just click the image to be directed to the product page (affiliate links).

I had so much fun shopping for both boys and girls! I recently realized thanks to an Instagram poll that about half of you actually have boys (which makes sense, duh!) so I want to start including boy items more often for you.
Everyone celebrates holidays differently so I included some more formal and some more casual outfit options. For us we will dress up nicely for church and then probably change into something more casual for the rest of the day with family!

As you'll probably notice most of the outfits aren't very Easter specific - that's intentional! They already grow out of the clothes so quickly, why not at least buy something that they can wear again after the holiday? That little girl romper (top middle) comes in soooo many colors - I want them all!

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