Affordable Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

This year Easter is Sunday, April 21st (just saved you a Google search, didn't I?). It's coming up quick and it will be Avery's second Easter. I can't believe we're already on her second round of holidays! Last year she was only 2 months old on Easter so I didn't get her any gifts or a basket, but this year she is actually aware of things so I'm going to put together a few little things for her in the Easter basket I got on clearance last year!

On to the good stuff - if you've been around here long you know I'm not about spending tons of money on, well, really anything. I like to save as much as I can so everything I've shared below is all budget friendly! The image below is clickable, so if you want more details on anything, just click it and you'll be redirected to the product page (affiliate links).

When it comes to an Easter basket for a baby, you're not going to fill it with the typical candy and small trinkets that an older child may receive. We actually already have everything I linked here, so I know it will all be a hit with your little one! The basket in the middle is there because unless you got an actual Easter basket on the cheap like I did last year, I wouldn't waste my money on one now, just get something that you can use for storage in their room after Easter morning is done!

Putting food in the basket is a hot topic in mommy world but I think it's fun to add in a few treats. We buy the puffs and melts anyways so why not throw some in the basket to take up space -ha!

If you watch my Instagram stories then you already know the 100 first words book is Avery's latest obsession! She loves it so much and she learns from it - win win!

The magnetic drawing board (top right) is something I ordered on a whim as an inexpensive, mess free activity. After a few "lessons" of me showing her how to draw and a little bit of forced play time to get her used to it she loves it! It's big enough that its actually usable but small enough that she can easily carry it around. We bring it in the car a lot too and it keeps her occupied.  It's pretty adorable when she draws a few lines and points at it and says "Minnie" (we usually draw a Mickey head on it for her, so that's where she gets the idea from).

What are you planning to give your little on Easter? I'd love some more ideas! Don't forget to check out my post on Easter outfit ideas for babies and toddlers too!

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