Book Club - Girl, Wash Your Face

A little over a year ago I was in a book club with several of my co-workers.  I'm not a huge book worm but I decided to join for the community more than the reading.  I'm so glad I did because it was a wonderful place to share and connect with women who are now my good friends.

I tell you all that because even though our little group no longer meets, 2 of the girls from it recommended Girl, Wash Your Face.  Which is why I decided to pick it up despite the fact that I don't typically read.  I should clarify - don't typically read books, I'm more of a blog/article reader and actually read all the time in that sense.

Each chapter of the book is a lie that we (women) tell ourselves and Rachel goes through why that is so messed up and untrue. I think my favorite thing about her writing is that it is just so straight forward. I am someone who likes to get straight to the point - no beating around the bush here! So I appreciate that.

I follow Rachel on Instagram and listen to her podcast and I think getting to know her there, seeing her on stories and her daily live videos helped me to feel a connection while reading too. I could kind of read the book in her voice and get a sense for when she would put emphasis on certain things. You can follow her here.

First things first, this isn't my first women empowerment, self-help, motivational book, that's sort of the genre we stuck with in the book club I was a part of.  I'm a pretty confident woman.  So a lot of times I have to do a bit of an eye roll at these books because it's not something I can relate to.  Usually there are tid bits I walk away with but nothing life changing.  Let me tell you that a few chapters into this book I felt like this woman was speaking to my soul!  So far this has been the opposite of others I've read and there are only tid bits I don't relate to.

The first third or so of the book was spot on for me - she touched on all the topics that are at the forefront for me right now:
- the comparison game
- social media "perfection"
- choosing happiness
- making/breaking promises to ourselves
- sticking with good habits
- thinking everyone else has a "superpower" that you just never will

Being a blogger/social media... person (not a fan of the term influencer), I'm constantly faced with putting myself out there and trying to get people to like my photos or view my blog or engage with my stories. It isn't always easy and can often leave me confused with the difference between my content and ME.

I start thinking if they don't like my picture that means they don't like ME. Which is crazy talk! Because first things first - as much as I love to give of myself on the internet - no one actually KNOWS me or even close to everything that I'm made up of. If that is something you also struggle with I would recommend this book just for you to see those first few chapters. They really hit home for me.

The middle chapters were still enjoyable reads for me, though they lost a bit of that "oh my gosh this woman actually is a mindreader" feeling.  Several of the chapters focus on motherhood, her journey to it and her experience with it, as a working mom. Her kids are older than mine and she has 4, she also went through some crazy stuff to adopt her daughter - all of this made it a little hard for me, a new mom to one baby girl, to relate.

The biggest thing I couldn't relate to was her feelings of not being a good mom. Oh I know those days are coming for me - I'm not that naive! But even still I don't anticipate the same feelings she specifically struggled with. Being a mom is all I've ever wanted to do, have thought about for years and years, read up on like I have a 5 million page report due on the topic, and my greatest passion in life. So I feel pretty confidently about my abilities (for once in my life!).

Okay, now the last third (not including the last chapter) I just couldn't get on board with. With a book like this and someone sharing their personal experiences, you're either going to relate or you aren't - and I just couldn't. She touches on her struggles with her family growing up, her weight, and alcoholism - none of which are battles I've had to fight in my life. I've never been to therapy - a topic she mentions several times. I don't say all this for any reason other than to explain why these chapters just didn't resonate with me. Remember we all fight hard battles, but they're all uniquely ours.

I powered through the chapters hoping to get back into the groove with Mrs. Hollis and committed to actually finish the book (something I do struggle with doing - ha!). Luckily the last chapter was so good! She really drives home the whole point of the entire book - YOU are in control of YOUR life. That's it - that is really all you need to know. It's a simple concept to understand but so difficult to put into practice.

My #1 pet peeve in life is people playing the victim. Where they complain and complain about things that happened to them or why some outside force is preventing them from doing something. I just can't stand it! If there's something you don't like about your life - change it! Find a way, make it happen, do what you have to do. And somehow, besides my parents, Rachel Hollis is the only other person who sees it this way! So thank you for getting so many others on board, girl!

Ooh this post is a doozy! If you're still here - congratulations and big *hugs* for you! Now tell me - have you read the book? Do you want to check it out? What are your thoughts on it? What resonated most with you? I'd love to discuss in the comments - this post is titled Book Club for a reason!

I did receive an advance copy of Rachel's next book - "Girl, Stop Apologizing" that I'm excited to dive into! Would you be interested in a post with my thoughts on that one as well?

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