Potty Training, Teething, Talking - oh my! Avery Update

I absolutely love sharing photos and videos of Avery with you guys on Instagram stories but I realized I don't ever really give actual updates! So for my memories and to keep you all in the know I decided to write up what's going on in the world of Avery these days. Honestly I regret not doing this monthly since she was born, but you can only keep up with so much as a mom, am I right? Plus I have the milestones recorded in her baby book - okay enough justifying myself, here we go! :P

Avery is 10 and a half months old! I can not fathom that! I swear we were just anticipating her half birthday and here we are starting to plan her first *cue the mom tears*.

Loves her dolly and is fascinated with her eyes lol


Our girl is on the move! She has been crawling for several months now but she has really got it down pat these days, it is hilarious when she spots something she wants across the room she takes off at warp speed with the cutest look of determination you've ever seen!

Only a few weeks after she started crawling she also began pulling up on EVERYTHING. Man the first month or so of that was rough - she fell down so much and it just hurt me to watch. Luckily she is a bit more stable now, but still has a few tumbles.

We have a soft fabric ottoman that is her favorite place to stand and just this week she can now take some pretty serious steps around it while holding on! I know walking is just around the corner - I'm not ready!


The child is advanced - what can I say? Haha but really, she already has 4 teeth on top and 4 teeth on bottom! They're still working their way to be fully "in" but they're all clearly visible and that toothy smile just kills me.

The teething process is as terrible as everyone says. For about a week before we even see a tooth she gets so fussy, clingy, and her sleep is not great. By the time we actually see the tooth pop through she's back to her happy self! Not sure when the next one will come in, that's the fun of teething its an awful surprise every time - woo!


Okay I wouldn't really say she can talk but she can say a few words. Funny story - her first word was "Google"!

We have a Google home that we say 'Hey Google' to and I guess she chose to pick that up. Our first lesson in be careful what you say around your kids!

She can also say "mama" and "quack quack" and "baba". The coolest part is how much she can understand though, it amazes me! She knows so many colors and animals, where things are and who is who when we say where's dada or where's grandma. It is so fun to see her learn!

Potty Training

Saving the best for last! I say that with no sarcasm whatsoever (only moms will understand). I was scrolling through Pinterest one day and I kept seeing all these 'early potty training' articles so I decided to read through a few. Now that I stay at home with Avery I figured why not give it a go? No pun intended. :P

So the next time I was at Walmart I picked up a little potty, and guess what? First time on the potty - she went! I was so excited I called everyone to let them know haha.

Basically potty training is a loose term, it's really just getting them to go on the potty, maybe saving a diaper here and there, and I guess we'll wait and see if it speeds up the true potty training process.

There's all kinds of things you can do with cloth diapers, letting them wet themselves, and more fun but all we're doing is putting her on the potty when she wakes up from naps. She has gone #1 and #2 multiple times and pretty much goes pee every time we put in the effort to get her on the potty.  Here's the link to one of the articles if you want to try it out. Right now it's mostly just for fun and I've got no expectations or thoughts of her actually becoming potty trained any time soon.

And that's pretty much all folks! I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about how baby girl is doing, I'm so lucky to have friends around the country who love my sweet babe too! Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I just love your blog. I am not good with all of the comments...I have never tweeted in my life. I read your Instagram or blog almost daily, You are really talented Katie!! Avery is so adorable. Love A Suzy