Weekend Recap | First Night Away From Baby Girl

The one selfie we snapped on our way out of the resort!
This weekend was a lot of fun!  It was filled with surprises and unintentionally ended up being a pretty social media free weekend, which was amazing.  However I did want to share a little recap of a super fun weekend since I was MIA.  Keep reading to hear how my first night away from baby girl came to be and how I handled it.

The weekend started off on the right foot when hubby got home from work Friday night.  He texted me to tell me he was picking up a chicken tender pub-sub (if you're from a state with Publix... then you know ;)) for dinner #nocookingformomma and when he walked through the door he also had 2 bouquets of flowers!  One for me and one for Avery - be still my heart!  We contemplated going out and about after dinner but decided on chilling on the couch instead and sticking to our night time routine since the next day we were going to...

A wedding!  On the books for months, it was finally the weekend of our friends' wedding.  I always get super excited for weddings because who doesn't love a free meal and a night of dancing?!  Plus there is something about seeing a couple oh so happy that just warms my heart and brings me back to my own wedding day!

We had planned for my parents to watch Avery that day and I was already pretty anxious about being away from her for close to 10 hours - the longest we've ever been apart!  I knew she would be fine with her grandparents but it was more about me missing her!!

Well, Saturday morning Brian and I woke up before baby for once and he surprised me with a card.  I thought it was so sweet of him to write me a love note, like we used to back in high school.  But as I kept reading I learned he had a surprise in store for me.  He had booked a night at the resort the wedding reception was at for us, complete with a reservation for Sunday brunch!

Then - y'all I seriously have the best husband - he pulls out a Kendra Scott gift box (if you know me you know this is better than a Tiffany's box to me!).  On Friday I had been out shopping for shoes to wear to the wedding and he kept asking me what they looked like during the day (they were rose gold) and turns out it was so he could get matching jewelry. #sobbing He is so thoughtful!

Of course I was excited for a night away but I immediately had many questions about the plan.  He said he had already worked it all out with my mom!  So once we all were up I started packing everything - I wanted her to have all the comforts of home for her first night away - down to her sound machine.  I swear packing for an infant for 1 night is like packing your whole house up!

She was asleep when we dropped her off but I had to pick her up anyways for some big hugs and kisses!  Then we were off for our mini adventure!

The wedding was an absolute blast!  The ceremony was beautiful, as was the reception space.  It was a huge party that lasted until midnight - and we had a really fun time with each other and our friends!

I had my mom send us updates throughout the evening, which she did including pictures of course and each time it made me so happy but also made me miss our sweet angel!  Overall I was very proud of myself for how I did.  Of course I missed her like crazy, but I knew she was totally taken care of and happy, and I figured if I was going to be away from her I might as well enjoy myself!  Best part of the night?  When the DJ played NSync, Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys in a row - I went a little crazy y'all - those are my jams!

The next morning we enjoyed sleeping in a little (we could have slept all day though! So tired from all that dancin'!) and our delicious brunch.  After we checked out of the hotel we headed home.  At that point I started to get antsy about getting back to my girl.  Luckily we were only about 30 minutes away.

It was so much fun picking her up and seeing her beautiful big smiling face looking up at us!

On Sunday afternoon we went over to our friends' house who have a baby just 2 months older than Avery.  It is always so much fun to get together with other new parents, there is nothing like talking to someone who is in your exact same boat.  Their sweet boy was aware that there was another baby for the first time, Avery was still oblivious, but we're hoping the next time they get together they can actually "play" with each other!

Then there was one more surprise - Brian took Monday off work so we could have an extra day to spend together as a family.  We did a little shopping and a little hanging out and it was just the perfect day.

I knew it would be a fun weekend but it ended up being one for the books!  I realized that we didn't take any pictures at the wedding which I was kind of sad about but it was also really nice to just enjoy ourselves for a night completely phone free (other than the baby updates which stopped when she went to sleep at 10PM).

Being a blogger I am always checking Instagram or sharing stories or replying to emails or taking pictures, which I do enjoy doing, but it is refreshing to just live in the moment 100%.  I didn't even intend to have a social media free weekend but it just ended up happening because I was living life to the fullest!  Would highly recommend doing that every once in a while!


  1. Aw it sounds such a fun time, your little girl is adorable!! It's so nice to enjoy those candid moments and not have to worry about snapping everything, it feels so refreshing and we can truly be in the moment :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like :D)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Yes it's always a nice change to just live fully in the moment - taking good pictures takes more time/effort than people think! Thanks for reading! <3