Baby and Mommy Nighttime Routine | 10 Weeks Old

As a new mom figuring out a routine for you and your baby can be a little overwhelming at times!  Especially when you read Facebook mommy groups and everyone else seems to have it down pat.  I certainly don't have it all figured out but we have seemed to settle into somewhat of a routine these days so I wanted to share that with you all in the hopes that some nugget of information may be helpful to you and yours!  Here we go:

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Around 8PM we feed Avery her bottle.  This is her last full "meal" of the night.  Because she has pretty bad reflux we sit with her in an upright position for 20-30 minutes after she eats to help everything settle in her tummy.

About 9PM we start the bath time routine.  Hubby gets the bathroom ready, we love this in sink bathtub, and I get baby out of her clothes and weigh her (we have this infant scale to make sure she is continuing to gain weight, it gives us piece of mind to know she's growing in between doctor appointments).  I will note that we don't bathe her every single day, it's not necessary to do so at her age, on nights she doesn't get a bath we will do play time or snuggling instead!

She loves her baths! In fact the past two baths she has cried when we get her out. It's like she doesn't want to get out of the nice warm water and comfy tub haha! 

Then at 10PM or so, after she has her lotion and jammies on, we give her a "snack" bottle, usually 2oz.  This gets her just a little more full to help her go longer at night.  I'm sure we'll have to break this habit someday but right now we just let her fall asleep in our arms after eating.

By 11PM she is ready to be put into bed.  We have the Ollie Swaddle ready and waiting every night.  It is so simple to use even when she is already asleep.  All you have to do is:
1 - wrap the swaddle around baby, going no higher than the shoulders
2 - use the loop at the bottom to gather the extra fabric right at baby's feet

No other swaddle we have tried (and we've tried a lot) is so hassle free to get baby in there super snug.  Ever since we started using the Ollie Swaddle (also known as the Smarter Swaddle!) she has been going for longer stretches at night!

I always hear people make claims like that and never fully believe them but let me tell you - it's true!  I couldn't believe it myself that she actually loved a swaddle.

With traditional swaddle blankets she could so easily get her arms out.  With the Swaddle Me swaddles she would fight them so vigorously she would work herself into a frenzy!  With the Ollie she keeps her arms in 90% of the time (she's a little Houdini ok?) and doesn't fight it at all.

I'll be honest with ya - the Ollie isn't cheap.  BUT!  It's designed as a one size fits all.  You can use it with the tiniest tots and it will transition with them.  So a cheaper swaddle may be only $25, but you have to keep re-buying it in a bigger size.  

Say you have to do that 3 times, you've spent $75 and could've saved yourself the effort and some cash by getting an Ollie from the get go.  Plus, by purchasing through my link here, you can save 10%! (expires 5/12/18) 

And anyways as an exhausted new mom can you even put a price on a good night's sleep?  The night she slept 7 hours the first time I thought I was a new woman!

We received the Ollie Swaddle compliments of theollieworld, but as always my opinions are 100% honest.  We have used this swaddle every single night since it came in the mail and don't plan on stopping for as long as we can!  

I would love to hear about your baby's night time routine!  Tell me about it in the comments and feel free to ask me any questions you have about the Ollie Swaddle too!

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