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Well, well, well, procrastination strikes again.  But this time I have an excuse (kind of)!  My baby shower was on December 2nd and then we had the holidays and then baby decided to come early so there wasn't much time for blogging.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!  Regardless - I am so excited to finally share all the details with you!  My shower was such a wonderful day!  I had fun writing this post and reliving all the beautiful details.  There is nothing I love more than a room full of my friends and family - especially when we're all celebrating my sweet little angel girl!

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The shower was held at the community center in my parents' neighborhood, which was a great spot to host the ~30 guests who were coming.  However, they had a strict policy that nothing could go on the walls which made decorating a little interesting.  

I of course used Pinterest for inspiration and saw a lot of big wall displays of paper flowers.  My in-laws were able to make a beautiful backdrop for me that we hung from the window ledge therefore not breaking the venue rules!  It was so gorgeous!

With so many guests coming about half the room was dedicated to tables and chairs, my mom found affordable fabric table cloths (as opposed to plastic) and I think that made all the difference.  It made everything look so much more elegant!  We also had beautiful centerpieces with my favorite flowers - hydrangeas on each table surrounded by Kisses that had these stickers on them!

Another Pinterest idea was to cover large balloons with tulle.  We found the balloons at Walmart and they were a great decoration that didn't go on the wall.

The other cutest decoration was the stack of giant blocks with baby girl's name on them!  I loved how the entire room came together - it was absolutely perfect!

Food & Drink

The food and drinks ended up being part of the decor too, everything was so pretty!  My mom had put together a great menu and turned it into a beautiful table spread.  The centerpiece of it all was the most gorgeous cake, you can find the "it's a girl" topper here.  Surrounding the cake were individual servings of muddy buddies (or as some call it puppy chow) that had these baby shower M&Ms mixed in (I think those were my favorite food item!).

For drinks we had sodas, water with these adorable wrappers, and a "Mom-osa" bar.  This was one of the few times in pregnancy I really wished I could have had a drink - champagne is one of the few alcoholic beverages I actually enjoy!  But my glass of raspberry lemonade was good enough :) 

These personalized cocktail napkins were super cute too!


I am not the type who really loves games, so we had activities instead!  And everyone thought they were a lot of fun and were perfectly suited to my personality.

When guests first arrived they signed the Guest "Book"-quet, which I planned to hang in the nursery so baby girl can see how many people loved her before she was even here!  They also could enter the diaper raffle with the ticket that was included with every invite.  I am so happy we did this because it has been so nice to have a ready supply of diapers!

The other really nice thing for me was the "address an envelope" activity.  I was worried this one was a little tacky, and maybe it is, but I so appreciated it when I was writing thank you notes!  When you're 30+ weeks pregnant you'll take any help you can get - no matter how it looks! Plus when it's people who love you they don't mind helping out :)

We had a big calendar for people to guess the date and time baby would be born.  My due date was February 12th so I thought early or late she would for sure come in February.  Wrong!  She decided to come January 15th, so no one ended up being even close with their guess, haha.

Next was the Alphabet Book - everyone picked a letter and drew a page for the book that I now read to Avery!  Even people who claimed to be terrible drawers were able to come up with something cute and it is such a great keepsake that I will always cherish, and I'm sure Avery will someday too!

The biggest hit was the headband making!  All the supplies were from Amazon (headbands, bows, felt circles).  Everyone enjoyed making a precious baby girl headband and I had them put these tags on them so I could know who made what.  Can't wait for Avery to have a chance to wear each one!  Whenever she wears one for the first time I take the tag off and tell her who made it for her :)

It was a day I am so grateful for and will always remember!  Thank you to all of my friends and family who attended, especially those who came from afar to celebrate with us!

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