Lilly Pulitzer Fourth of July - Sparks Fly

Happy Birthday to the U.S.A!  We should all be thankful every single day that we get to live in this great country and that we have so many amazing men and women willing to fight for our freedom.

Now I have to talk about this dress.  I know Lilly has several prints perfect for the fourth but I really think this is the best one (totally unbiased, right? :P)

I just love the coloring of it and the fireworks, sailboats, and tiny American flags :)

Usually we as women never want to be caught dead wearing the same thing but I saw so many girls on Instagram rocking this dress and I loved knowing I was #twinning with all those lovely ladies!  I think that is what is so great about Lilly, it's truly a community of girls and women who all connect over these beautiful clothes and living life with a sunny state of mind.

I love my new navy Jack Rogers too, get them here, they're so perfect (and 50% off!).

Hope you all got to spend the day with the ones you love <3

Don't forget to Sparkle!
XO ~ Katie


  1. I agree that this is the PERFECT dress for the 4th! I absolutely love the print! Who doesn't love sailboats and fireworks?! Cute post hun! Hope you had a great holiday!