Preppy Gift Guide - Under $10

At this time of year I am sure you have been seeing a million and one gift guides.  I don't know about you but most of the ones I see are "Everything under $100!" or maybe "$50 or less".  But either way I think that is way to much!  I can't afford to spend $50 - $100 per item!  So I decided to create my own gift guide where everything is under $10!  Now THAT is realistic.
You may be thinking oh well these are going to be cheap, crappy gifts that no one really wants.  Wrong!  This gift guide is still perfect for all the preppy ladies on your list - and hey at these prices maybe you can give gifts to a few extra people!  Hope you enjoy!
1. ELF Cosmetics On the Go Palette ($10) - This little compact isn't much bigger than your phone but it has all of the essentials to make up your face!  This would be a great little gift for your make-up loving bestie.  Really anything from ELF falls into the $10 and under category so you can't go wrong there.

2. Lilly Pulitzer Drink Koozie ($8) - Bet you didn't think you'd see Lilly on this list!  Well lucky for you even she has a gift for a girl on a budget (me) that would make any friend smile!
3. Marley Lilly Sunglass Strap ($6.99) - Another staple in any prep's wardrobe is a cute sunglass strap.  Marley Lilly can hook you up -  how cute is this "get nauti" strap?

4. Target Dollar Spot ($1 - $3) - Do not put your nose up at this one!  If you haven't browsed in the dollar spot at Target lately you are seriously missing out!  They have the best stuff year round but especially around the Holidays (RE: glitter!).  I found this great site that keeps you up to date on what goodies are currently in stock.

5. Vineyard Vines Lanyard ($5.50) - Bet you didn't think you'd see VV on this list either!!  This preppy lanyard is great for the college prep.  Perfect for keeping your keys and ID handy!

These are just some ideas that I had and I wanted to share with you that you don't have to break the bank to give an awesome gift!  Another fun option is to make a little gift basket out of items from the Dollar Tree, they actually have some cool stuff there!  Also you can always head over to Etsy to support small businesses - I know you can find some amazing things for under $10 there!
Let me know in the comments what you are giving your friends this year!

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