Last Minute DIY Ornament Gifts

Holy Cow Christmas is in 3 days!  How exciting yet nerve wracking if you aren't completely prepared. Follow this super simple tutorial for ornaments that make a great gift or the final touch on your tree!

Here is what you'll need:
- glass ornaments - this 4 pack from Michaels is already 60% off right now, making it just $2!  You can also get single ornaments at Walmart for $1 each.
-paint - I picked this gold glitter paint from Martha Stewart's line at Michaels (used a coupon for that, of course!)

These are so easy!  Just take the top off and squeeze in paint.  That's it!  Just move the paint around until it looks how you like and you are finished.

This was my original plan - to leave it kind of wavy at the top:

But then I found some red paint in my mess of a craft room and completely covered the inside of this one.  I liked how it looked so I added more to the gold as well.

Then I found more paint and experimented with the others.  The two shades of pink gave sort of a marbled effect.  And the red and green streaks looks pretty cool too!  Just have fun experimenting and giving out these great, personalized gifts.  

A very very Merry Christmas to you and yours this year!  Have a safe and blessed holiday!  XO Katie

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