My Favorite Quotes - 9 Inspirational Quotes

Get ready for some inspiration! And maybe a few laughs too :)

I am always finding great quotes on Pinterest - I have a whole board of them!  Finding inspirational quotes is always the best - especially on those hard days where nothing seems to go your way.

Hope you enjoy these and head over to my Pinterest board to see all of the original sources!

So without further ado and in no particular order - here we go:

This one helps me out whenever I'm feeling down about reaching my goals.  Just gotta keep goin'!

Just found this the other day - exactly when I needed it too.  Love when that stuff happens :)

 Ok, so not a quote.  But hilarious. And true.  Seriously people use your deodorant - it's common sense!

Just perfection. Sheer perfection.  I try to keep this in mind on those hard days.

How can you not love this one?  First of all it's pink and gold... and cheerful!

 Love it!  'Nuff said.

Ok let me tell you how true this is.  I am a very honest, often blunt person.  And people don't always love that but the truth will set you free - so I'm going to continue to say it!

Oh the memories!  My best friend gave me something similar to this in high school, before we both had boyfriends, and it helped us to understand why!  So if you're out there hoping for some guy to look your way - don't settle!  Just wait for the right one (my BFF and I are both happily taken!)

Another shout-out to my girl!  Leave me a comment if you agree!  Except I would change one thing about this quote - take away the 'sometimes' :D

I hoped these made you smile!  Leave me a comment with YOUR favorite quote or tag me in a pic on Instagram!

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