5 Steps to the Perfect Blog Name

Sugar Spice and Sparkle just seems so obvious to me.  That is now, after several weeks of non-stop brain storming.

So you want to start a blog?  I've blogged before (here) and maybe you have too.  I don't know if this makes starting a new blog easier or harder.  In some respects you already know what to do but on the other hand you have to come up with a whole new idea!

After hours on Pinterest and blogs for bloggers I have conjured up quite a few helpful hints for coming up with the perfect blog name.

1 - actually write down what your blog will be about.  I'm not talking an essay or anything like that, just list topics you plan on writing about at some point.  At first I thought this was silly, but after I did it I realized I wanted my blog to be so much!  This step helped me look for a name that would be applicable to many topics (as opposed to Kraftie Katie, which is kind of a limiting name).

2 - old fashioned brainstorming.  Get a pen, get some paper, and write.  Write down whatever word or phrases come to mind.  Funny story - looking back at my brainstorming paper, sugar nor spice nor sparkle is present.  But I still think this was a good idea to get the blog-naming juices flowing.

3 - consider the big picture.  Think about longevity, you may want something trendy in the name but if you want to be around for a while consider how your blog name will sound in ten years.  Also think about your brand, do you even want to be a brand?  If you do then ask: does your blog name work as a store name?  Clothing line?  Huge corporation!?  Okay I may be getting a little excited but you get what I'm saying, right?

4 - talk it out.  Once you have a few ideas say them out loud.  To yourself and those closest to you.  Sometimes something may look good on paper but then sound silly when you say it out loud.  

5 - take a break.  Easier said than done, I know, I can not seem to turn my brain off when it comes to my blog or Etsy shop!  But if you try to distract yourself from constantly thinking about a blog name, you allow your mind to open up and be free for something to just pop in!

Step 5 is actually how I was able to finally give birth to my new baby blog!  I was so focused on adding new items to my shop (the items happened to all contain glitter) and I just thought of it.  My mom was with me at the time and I just said "What about Sugar Spice and Sparkle?".  And that was that.  The thinking was finally over!  That is until a few hours later when I started to think of all the blog posts I wanted to write for my newly named site.

You may be thinking, "why on earth would I do these other steps when they didn't even help?".  But the thing is they DID help.  They helped me get the ball rolling and helped me to know what I did NOT want to name my blog.  So process of elimination at the least :) 

Leave me a comment with your blog name, I would love to hear what you've dreamed up!  And if you'd like to stay up to date with Sugar Spice and Sparkle, enter your email in the side bar.  I'll keep it safe and only use it to send you weekly emails full of sparkle and shine!  I think we could all use a little more of that!

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