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Welcome to Sugar Spice and Sparkle! I sincerely can not thank you enough for being here!  This blog was started as a creative outlet while I was in engineering school and has continued to evolve with my life.  From starting my career to getting married, purchasing my first home with my husband to starting our family, the blog has been a constant.  A place to share the most important things in my life while giving me the chance to connect with other women like you!

While you're here you can expect to find posts on my current faves.  I love sharing what I love!  Be it a special life milestone or a cute new dress, I'll share it with the same honesty you'd get from a close friend.  On a budget?  Me too (diapers are expensive!), so don't expect designer labels to be at the forefront.

This blog isn't perfect because I'm not perfect, but it is my little corner of the internet and my goal is to make it as Sparkly as I can with the hopes that each time you visit you'll leave with your smile a little bigger than when you arrived!

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Hi, I'm Katie!  I'm most importantly a Wife and new Mom but I'm also an Industrial Engineer, Taylor Swift fan, and obsessed with Gilmore Girls.  My favorite color is pink no matter how much I try to branch out, and anything that comes in any shade of gold gets an automatic "add to cart".

I love to shop but I don't love to spend a lot.  I started Sugar Spice and Sparkle so that I could share all of my favorite finds with my friends so they could save money too.  Over time it became my online diary and a time capsule of sorts to share the big life moments.  Now that I am a mom I want to continue to record the special moments and keep sharing great deals with you, some are just now pint-sized finds!

My readers and Instagram followers are my friends, we talk all the time and share the same interests, I love getting to know you as much as I love sharing a little about myself and my life.  The internet is a big place but I love that our little community feels like a tight-knit group of girlfriends!

I'm just so happy you're here!  Let's be friends, mmkay?  Join me over on Instagram for daily updates and chat with me through stories and the occasional live video, shoot me a quick email through the contact form, or check out what's happening on Facebook.  Can't wait to see you around!

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