At Home Newborn Photoshoot | Tips and Tricks

Newborn photography tips

Baby Georgia is here! In case you are not following along on Instagram (which if you’re not you’re missing out on a lot of newborn cuteness!) I’m thrilled to announce the birth of our second daughter, Georgia Anne.

We did maternity pictures with a professional photographer because I wanted the whole family to be included, so for newborn photos we decided to do our own at home. Not to mention the whole pandemic thing making it too risky to have a photographer come in! Being a blogger and starting to grow more on YouTube, we have invested in some very nice camera equipment so I thought it would be easier to make our own newborn photoshoot happen rather than trying to coordinate when she would be asleep and all that with a photographer.

Find tips for doing your own newborn photos at the end of the post below!

I wanted to get some shots with both girls of course but the timing worked out that it was right before lunch so you can imagine how it worked out! There are a couple good ones but we will definitely try again to get the two of them together, with full bellies next time. But I couldn’t wait any longer to share these!

When Avery was a newborn we tried to do the same but either we weren’t on our game as much or she just wasn’t as sleepy because they did not work out. At 7 weeks old we ended up taking her to a photo studio. Since she was born 4 weeks early she was effectively only 3 weeks old in the pictures, but she was already so alert that we didn’t get any of those super adorable sleepy newborn shots. I’m happy to report that we did SO much better at home this time! Georgia was exactly 1 week old when we did the photos. Enjoy!

If you want to get those super precious sleepy baby photos you have to do the photoshoot within the first week or so of baby’s life. Babies are only in that super sleepy stage for so long. When they’re a few weeks old they still sleep a lot but they won’t sleep through outfit changes and repositioning the way they will in those first few days. 

For the actual time of the photoshoot just make sure everyone has full bellies. Happiness comes hand in hand with everyone being full! That includes mom and dad, too!

Go on Pinterest or Google to look up newborn photo shoots (maybe that’s how you got here!) to get inspiration for different poses and shots. Having a shot list in mind from the get go will mean you can move from pose to pose quickly and get things done while everyone is happy!

Even if you don’t have a top of the line camera (cell phone cameras are surprisingly good these days!) you can still get some amazing shots that you’ll cherish forever. The key to any good photo is lighting. We use several diffused lights as well as post production editing, but even without additional lighting you can utilize natural light and editing apps to your advantage.

Adding a few simple props to your photos can take them to the next level. These peaches were crocheted by my grandmother, Georgia’s great-grandmother! Just don’t go too crazy, especially for a newborn photoshoot, I think less is more. The newborn is precious on their own! Of course make sure that everything is safe to be around baby. Using a blanket or resting them in a slightly elevated position is okay as long as it’s just long enough to snap a pic and mom and/or dad is right there outside the frame.

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