My 2019 Word of the Year

I've never had a word of the year before, but I think I like the concept! We'll see after having to stick with it for a full year :P

It was actually harder to think of one than I thought it would be. I didn't just want to pick something willy nilly, it had to be something that was applicable through many facets of life, would work for 365 days (not just the current season), and I wanted it to help me reach my goals. Keep reading to see where I landed!

Time is a funny thing. It can really mess with your mind sometimes! Say you want to start something today - a workout routine, a project, saving for a vacation or anything really, and it is going to take 6 months. You may think "dang, this is going to take forever" or worse "I'm not going to start because I don't want to wait that long". But when we look back over the past 12 months every new year's eve, it seems like time has flown by, and you also can see how much you were able to do in a year.

My dad always says the time will go by whether you're working towards something or not. And it's so true. In the same thread, one of my favorite inspirational quotes is "a year from now you'll wish you had started today".

So today I urge you to begin.

Whatever it is that you have on your mind and in your heart to do - just start. I'm the first person who needs to take this advice so don't think I'm preaching to you! I'm saying this for myself just as much.

Now you might be thinking my word of the year is begin, but no - I think I can improve on that, but it isn't what's keeping me from achieving my goals. As hard as taking the first steps is, what's even harder, at least for me, is taking the 10th step, or the 100th, or even the 1000th. Which is why my word for 2019 is... P E R S I S T

I've got it plastered on my desk, right above my computer, so it's staring down on me as I work. I need that kind of reminder in my life!

Just. Keep. Going. Even the smallest step means you're still moving forward. I want to do something every single day this year to move me closer to my goals. I shared on my stories the other day about my 2 minute workout routine. It may sound silly but it *literally* gets me moving toward my fitness goals every day. If I can persist with that, I know I will see changes!

When it comes to blogging, I need to persist. I've been doing this for a long time, so you could say I've persisted, but I've also taken a lot of breaks along the way and been inconsistent in busy seasons. That isn't something I want to do in the future. I want to persist in my efforts through the hard times. Because they will come, no doubt. Consistency is key in the blogging world and I need to give it my all.

Even for writing this post today I already had to chant my new word in my head to get it done. "Persist, persist, persist" and, even though I'm a few hours later than I wanted to be, I'm (nearly) done. And I love the feeling I get from accomplishing, even the smallest of, my goals!

So, what do you think? If you like where I'm going with this - I'd be happy to share my word with you, and persist through 2019 together :) If you've already got one of your own, would you share it with me in the comments? I'd certainly love to get some inspiration for the future!

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