Our Weekend At Aventura: Universal Orlando Hotel Review

Today I'm excited to share with you about our stay at Universal Orlando's Aventura Hotel!  We spent the weekend there a few weeks ago, which you probably saw if you follow along on Instagram.  This blog post will have more details about the hotel and my thoughts on everything we experienced.

2 night stay at Aventura Hotel courtesy of Universal.  All opinions are my own.

Aventura is Universal's newest hotel, located walking distance from Volcano Bay!  It is their 'perfectly-priced' hotel, with rooms starting at a little over $100 per night.

We arrived on Friday afternoon and went right up to our room after checking in!  The first unique thing was that to use the elevators you have to scan your room key, this was a security feature I hadn't seen before and it was just a small touch that I really liked.

When we got up to the room, the first thing we noticed was the amazing view!  Our room was on the top floor overlooking Volcano Bay.  Living so close to the area, it was cool to see a bird's eye view of my city.  The next thing we discovered was the iPad that controls everything in the room - it's the remote, light switch, thermostat, and more.  So futuristic! 

This was one our first time in a hotel since Avery learned to crawl, so that was interesting!  To be honest the room didn't have a ton of open floor space, so the pack n play went in between the two beds which as you can imagine wasn't exactly ideal from a noise perspective.  But we knew going into it that we may not get the most sleep ever and I think it was good to have our expectations set appropriately for traveling with a baby.

After we unpacked a little we headed up to the roof-top bar.  Again, the views were awesome!  We were able to see in the opposite direction from the way our room was facing and we could see the other resorts and parks.  That night we went to City Walk to walk around which was lots of fun.

On Saturday my parents were able to watch Avery so Brian and I could go to the parks!  Apparently I only did insta stories while I was there and failed to take any photos!  At least I was living in the moment ;)  We hadn't been to the parks in a while (or at least not without a baby/not pregnant) so we rode all the newer rides we hadn't been on before like Jimmy Fallon and Fast and the Furious.  Of course we also went to Harry Potter World and had some butter beer! 

For lunch we decided to go back to the hotel and get some lunch from the cafeteria style eatery in the lobby.  There was lots to choose from and we decided on stir fry bowls which were so delicious.  I was craving it the other day wishing we could go back!

From there we went out to the pool to enjoy some relaxation!  The pool area was absolutely stunning and we didn't want to leave but it was time to go get our little angel!

How lucky am I to have these two travel buddies?  Let me know if you have any questions about Aventura!  I think it's a great, affordable option if you're coming to Orlando to visit the Universal parks!  

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