Tips For Shopping Sites like SheIn, Romwe

We've all seen the ads for super cute, on trend clothes at amazingly low prices and thought - what's the catch?  Well technically there isn't a catch - the clothes tend to look like the picture, of course the quality isn't what you'd expect from a boutique or department store, but for the price it's decent, and shipping might take a little longer than your Amazon Prime orders, but other than that it's pretty legit!

Sites like SheIn and Romwe are great places to get trendy pieces without breaking the bank.

One of the glaring problems with shopping online in general is sizing.  Somehow the women's fashion industry decided to make sizing as complicated as possible and a size 6 isn't the same no matter where you shop.

At these, what I'll call "budget", sites, you can tell they're geared towards the 5ft tall, flat chested, size 00 girls so it can be tough to judge what will fit if you don't fall into that category (like me, I'm 5'9", DD, size 6-8, which makes shopping challenging to say the least).  So I'm sharing my tips on what I look for before adding to cart.

Of course some things still arrive and I think "why did I ever think this would work for me?" but in general these tips have helped me to find those diamonds in the rough that will look great on me!

1. Model Stats
- this is a big one and surprisingly these sites are pretty good about listing them. Model stats are the pictured model's height and measurements along with what size they're wearing for a particular piece.  This can be helpful because you can see how you compare and size up/down accordingly.

2. Don't Just Look At The Item - when you're looking at a particular item, don't just add to cart because it's cute.  Look at how the item fits on the model, even if you look completely different from her.  If a dress hits the model mid thigh and she's listed as 5'7", I know it's going to hit my 5'9" frame even higher on the leg, so I typically look for dresses that hit the models closer to the knee.  Same goes for tops or shorts - where are they falling on the model?

What if a model isn't pictured? Try to look at the sleeve length or inseam. For dresses try to approximate how much length there is below the waistline, or how the bottom of the dress compares to the bottom of the sleeves.

3. Read Reviews - a lot of people will include pictures with their reviews, which is so helpful! Sometimes these sites will also include links to bloggers who have worn the item.  Seeing a person wearing the item in real life (not just in a studio like the models) is SO helpful for judging how an item will look when you receive it.

4. Follow Bloggers - on that same thread, follow bloggers who have a similar body type to you. This way when you see them wear something you like, you'll feel confident about how it will fit you.  It can be misleading to follow someone who has a much different body type because our brains tell us - oh it's so cute it will look just like that on me! When it likely will not.  (There's nothing wrong with following bloggers of all body types, in fact - I recommend it! But from a shopping perspective I'm saying it will be helpful to you to see things on someone who is a similar size).

5. Bonus Tip! How to Save Even More! - always check the sites for coupons and offers, there's usually more than one available for you to use.  You can also sign up with eBates* (sign up through this link for a $10 bonus! *affiliate link) and get 5-6% cash back on every purchase.  And yes, eBates can be combined with any coupons!

Let me know if you have any questions about these types of sites!  And make sure you head over to my YouTube channel for my try-on haul and review of my latest SheIn order!

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