How To Style Bodysuits

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Bodysuits (or as Brian calls them "onesies") are super popular right now and though at first I was confused at the point of them, now that I have a few, I am a FAN!

The thing that's great about them is that if you want that tucked-in shirt look they make it so easy and your shirt does not ever come un done.  The worst thing about them is going to the bathroom -__- There's little snaps in the crotch but I like to tackle it romper style and just pull it down.  Seems easier to me then trying to snap shut my own crotch snaps - yikes!  Ok that sounds a little more graphic than I intended... moving on!

Whenever I wear a tighter/more form fitting top I like to wear bottoms that are a little looser.  This corduroy skirt worked out perfectly.  It's still form fitting but the thicker fabric and slight flare gives the illusion of a looser fit.  Plus the button up front is adorable!

I love how my black booties go perfectly with my favorite plum and black suede purse (that you've seen quite a bit lately!).  My necklaces are just some old standbys from my closet - layering necklaces when you're wearing a plain top is never a bad idea!

Have you tried out a bodysuit?  What are your pro's and con's for it?  Comment below, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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XO ~ Katie


  1. lovely ! I love bodysuits, but always confused as to how to wear them so thanks for this! xx

    1. Thank you Tianna! I'm glad you liked this look :)