Best 5 Free Social Media Marketing Tools

We all know and love social media, well at least we think we do.  But there are SO many tools, services, lessons, websites, etc. out there to help us.  It can be overwhelming to know which ones are actually a good use of time and which are not really value-adding.  There are great articles, like this one, that try narrowing it down for you - but it can still be too much!  I went through the list and picked out my top 5 (in no particular order).  5 is reasonable right, easy enough to click through and check them all out in a sitting?  I hope you agree and find this uber useful!  Feel free to Pin It for future reference.

1. Hubspot Blog Topic Generator - We all struggle with writer's block from time to time I'm sure.  This simple tool takes three words you enter and comes up with a week's worth of blog articles!  Granted you might have to tweak what it spits out but its a great way to get the ideas flowing!

2. Canva - Loooove this little guy! Any graphics you see on this blog are most likely created on Canva.  It is free, easy to use, and you can make some really professional looking images with no real skill required. Great for those fashion collages too!

3. Hubspot Marketing Grader - A great place to see what you aren't doing on your blog that you should.  Checks in on your social media, SEO, mobile compatibility and more.  P.S. you don't actually have to put in your email to generate the report!  They just make it look like you do.

4. Unsplash - So excited to have found this site!  It is a HUGE library of free stock images for you to use.  The graphic for this post is using one of the photos.  I would say 90% of my blog pictures are taken by me, but sometimes its nice to have some extra shots in there that are easy to get to quickly without having to shoot and edit them yourself.

5. Portent - Similar to the first site, this is a quick way to come up with a blog post idea and title.  It's in a super easy format, just enter one word (topic) and keep refreshing until something strikes your fancy!

Well, what did you think?  What is your favorite website/tool?  I guess I always have room for more ;)

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XO, Katie


  1. Canva looks great. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Lots of great finds here! I recently discovered Gleam - it lets you host giveaways for free! I'm doing a give away over at my blog this week. Also ... Speakpipe - it lets people call in and leave you a voicemail over the computer :) I used it for my podcast.