Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale - Favorites and Finds

Another one in the books!  A Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale that is.  I can't believe that a few short years ago I had no Lilly in my closet.  I don't even know if I really knew what Lilly was all about!

For my wallet that is an amazing thing, but for my heart that just hurts.  I have found so much love and friendship through Lilly Pulitzer!  I know that sounds crazy but it is completely true!  I went from 0 to #obsessed in a few short months but I am so happy I know what it means to be a Lilly girl and for those  of you who purchased your first Lilly at today's sale - welcome to the family!

Now make sure you share what YOU got in the comments below!  I don't want to make it all about me on here ;)

If you read yesterday's post, you know my #1 item was a romper.  Well.....

I got one!  Rompers always fly during the APS but there were actually quite a few to choose from this time around!  I got the Deanna romper (my absolute fav!) in Scuba to Cuba. 

Can't wait to get this baby:

That right there blew my planned budget.  But the sale was SO good this year I could have spent *literally* over $1,000.  Which is insane and I would never do.

If you know me personally I am a *bit* of a goody two shoes.  And I'm perfectly happy with that title, but just wanted to give you some context so when I say I "went crazy" you'll see that means I bought two more items.  :D

First of my two impulse buys are the gorgeous Dennie shorts in First Impressions.  I love this print and can't wait to finally own a little bit of it!

My final item is the Andie top in Back It Up.  I never like to buy tops because I think they are expensive for what you get but I am trying to build my collection so I got this.  I don't have a ton of cold weather Lilly so I think this will be perfect for fall and winter!

If I did go actually "crazy" here are a FEW of the things my heart desired but my head said "NO WAY!"

I can not wait to style these things and share them with you all!

Don't forget to Sparkle! (and tell me what you got below!)
XO ~ Katie


  1. Loving that romper and those shorts!
    I wish I could've gotten more from the sale this year.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Sigh... such pretty colors and here I am wearing black :)