Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

If you are a Lilly Pulitzer lover then I am going to make the safe assumption that you know about Lilly for Target!  Quite a while ago they announced the collaboration that will launch on April 19th.  This set the preppy world on fire!  Yesterday they released the official lookbook and so I am sure you have read many a blog post like this one... so much for originality my friends!

Hopefully you are in love with the collection enough to not care and still enjoy seeing everyone's picks :)

Here are SOME of mine! 
Lilly Pulitzer for Target Lookbook

Everything is so spectacular!  And the prices are really amazing - especially compared to regular Lilly prices.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target cups
I am 110% sure these little mugs are going to go FAST.  Everyone is in love with them and it is pretty clear why!  And at only $30 they pretty much fit everyone's budget.

Lilly for Target
This gorgeous number is just that - gorgeous!  I don't even want to tell you that it is only $26!  This is by far my favorite print in the collection.

Lilly for Target Pineapple Sandals
Gold.  Pineapples.  Shoes.  What on earth more could a girl want?!?  If I don't get these I am definitely going to cry my little eyes out.  I'm calling them Mary Poppins because they are practically perfect in every way.  These will be going for $30 as well.

Oh-kayyyy that is a #firstworldproblems post if I've ever seen one!  But, alas, I am under Lilly's spell yet again and this time it's mixed with Target so I don't know if I can handle it!  Please please please let me know what you're holding out for!

P.S. I gave up buying anything Lilly Pulitzer for Lent - I know, crazy right?  So this release being a few weeks after Easter means my bank account is ready to take a hit!  If you need to start saving pronto since seeing the lookbook, check out this post for some tips.

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